Sunday, May 13, 2007


Thanks to this blog, the Resident Manager Mr Ron Singh enjoyed a promotion last year. Mr Kenneth Teoh had to show he was not just using Ron Singh and discarding him when Ron Singh's dirty job was done. I heard that Ron Singh's salary is also much lower than what others of the same position are getting. So, that's the reason why Kenneth Teoh the cheapskate is keeping Ron Singh.

Wendy has received an email from "Zul" who until recently worked in Summit Hotel Subang USJ. He says that the staff are talking in whispers about Ron Singh.

One is the question of where Ron Singh had worked at previously.

Wendy is told that Ron Singh was running a motel in the USA before he came back to KL. But before he went to take up the job as Resident Manager at Summit Hotel Subang USJ, he worked for a short time at the Klang Prescott Hotel. But what is curious is that this information was not found on his application form. Did he "forget" or was he trying to hide this information?

Wendy understands from "Zul" in his email that Ron Singh when he joined the Summit Hotel, some staff already recognised him from the Klang Prescott Hotel. He told them not to disclose this fact to anyone. Ron Singh did not want anyone to know of his short employment at Klang Prescott Hotel. Why?

"Zul" explains in his email that Ron Singh was involved in some incidents which Wendy will not disclose here. He was asked to leave at short notice. Those people who worked with Ron Singh at Klang Prescott Hotel will know the details.

Perhaps, this may be the reason why Ron Singh did not disclose this in his application form. He is hiding something.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wendy would like to share this email that came from a kawan who says is working at Summit Hotel Subang USJ:

"I work at the Summit Hotel Subang USJ. I would like to add something new for your blog.

Recently, my GM Ron Singh got into trouble.

Ron Singh is a very hot tempered and arrogant man.

Recently, our hotel hosted a function and it was attended by some VIP ministers. Mr Singh made some bad remarks about the VIPs. Some people heard it, and these words were passed around to many people.

The CEO of Meda Mr Ong Bok Siong came to know of it and was furious about Mr Singh. A hotel GM should not be making this type of remarks at VIP guests. Actually, a hotel manager should always be careful about his words because this is a hotel where guests should be treated with respect. We junior staff always hear our management tell us to be nice and polite but our GM is not setting a good example.

Mr Singh is a very defensive man. Since he knew about the complaint against him, he made the first move by writing his resignation letter to Mr Kenneth. But we don't know why Mr Kenneth ask Mr Singh not to resign. Maybe what you say is right. Mr Kenneth himself is not sure about how to run a hotel, that's why he want to keep Mr Singh. But this is bad for the hotel.

Wendy, I wish you good luck and hope your problem will be solve soon. We know about the bad payment of this hotel. Many of us are actually quite fed up with the management here. "

Friday, February 23, 2007

Summit Hotel cannot pay their bills!

Many suppliers are still outraged at Summit Hotel Subang USJ for its failure to settle many outstanding invoices.
Latest news is that the hotel management has the audacity to demand for up to 40% discount off the bills when suppliers approach them for payment. These people, supposedly "hotel management" are taking advantage of the suppliers to squeeze them.

I'm wondering whether the management is deliberately demanding such discounts to force the suppliers to make "special offers" know what I mean by "special offers"? Is somebody exploiting the stituation to gain something extra for himself?
This should serve as a warning to all suppliers and contractors who are thinking of doing business with Summit Hotel Subang USJ. Don't do anything for them, unless the hotel agree to pay you CASH deposit upfront, and balance payment fully in CASH at the delivery point.
You cannot trust this hotel.

What kind of bloody hotel is this anyway?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

More about Summit Hotel Subang USJ owners - Meda Inc Bhd

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