Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wendy would like to share this email that came from a kawan who says is working at Summit Hotel Subang USJ:

"I work at the Summit Hotel Subang USJ. I would like to add something new for your blog.

Recently, my GM Ron Singh got into trouble.

Ron Singh is a very hot tempered and arrogant man.

Recently, our hotel hosted a function and it was attended by some VIP ministers. Mr Singh made some bad remarks about the VIPs. Some people heard it, and these words were passed around to many people.

The CEO of Meda Mr Ong Bok Siong came to know of it and was furious about Mr Singh. A hotel GM should not be making this type of remarks at VIP guests. Actually, a hotel manager should always be careful about his words because this is a hotel where guests should be treated with respect. We junior staff always hear our management tell us to be nice and polite but our GM is not setting a good example.

Mr Singh is a very defensive man. Since he knew about the complaint against him, he made the first move by writing his resignation letter to Mr Kenneth. But we don't know why Mr Kenneth ask Mr Singh not to resign. Maybe what you say is right. Mr Kenneth himself is not sure about how to run a hotel, that's why he want to keep Mr Singh. But this is bad for the hotel.

Wendy, I wish you good luck and hope your problem will be solve soon. We know about the bad payment of this hotel. Many of us are actually quite fed up with the management here. "