Friday, February 23, 2007

Summit Hotel cannot pay their bills!

Many suppliers are still outraged at Summit Hotel Subang USJ for its failure to settle many outstanding invoices.
Latest news is that the hotel management has the audacity to demand for up to 40% discount off the bills when suppliers approach them for payment. These people, supposedly "hotel management" are taking advantage of the suppliers to squeeze them.

I'm wondering whether the management is deliberately demanding such discounts to force the suppliers to make "special offers" know what I mean by "special offers"? Is somebody exploiting the stituation to gain something extra for himself?
This should serve as a warning to all suppliers and contractors who are thinking of doing business with Summit Hotel Subang USJ. Don't do anything for them, unless the hotel agree to pay you CASH deposit upfront, and balance payment fully in CASH at the delivery point.
You cannot trust this hotel.

What kind of bloody hotel is this anyway?